Orthodontic fees reflect the high degree of skill and training required to become an orthodontist, as well as what is needed for effective treatment. Our fees cover all procedures in our office. We are always glad to furnish you with an estimate of how much treatment will cost.

Charges for treatment are determined and explained at the consultation appointment. They are based on the severity and complexity of the problem. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about our fees.


We accept cash, personal check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 


We will gladly file all insurance claims. Our office is NOT A PARTICIPATING PROVIDER with any insurance company plans.  Your insurance policy is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company. Prior to starting treatment, we will verify the amount of orthodontic coverage that is available on your insurance policy.  Regardless of insurance status at that time, you are ultimately responsible for the balance of your account, which the insurance company does not cover.

Most insurance policies will pay an initial "down payment" of the policy's orthodontic benefit, with all remaining benefit paid out either monthly or quarterly over the course of treatment.  If the policy's plan allows, the benefits are made payable directly to Butterfoss and Barton Orthodontics.  When all insurance claim benefits have been received, if any overpayment has been made, a refund will be promptly sent to you.  If there is an additional amount due, we will send a statement for the balance.  Ultimately, all unpaid balances are the patient's responsibility.