This year, Drs. Butterfoss and Barton will be introducing new and exciting contests and events to make your visits more fun and enjoyable! All contests and upcoming news will be posted on our bulletin boards located in the check-out area and reception area. Be sure to take a look at every visit so you can see what fun things are coming up!


Brace Bucks

We wish to give an incentive to our patients in the form of “Brace Bucks” as a reward for our excellent patients. In order to receive Brace Bucks, the patient must demonstrate good oral hygiene, no breakages and positive signs of compliance.  Brace Bucks are collected to “purchase” prizes with. When you come to your regular visits, you can earn 3 Brace Bucks by having good oral hygiene and nothing loose or broken!  There are other ways to earn them also.  If you make honor roll on your report card, bring it in.  Go to see your dentist or hygienist and have a great check up, have them sign a business card that says you did an awesome job and bring it in.  Wear a Butterfoss and Barton t-shirt.